Friday, December 02, 2005

Shame On Them

Maybe next time you will pack what is important. If you are told to evacuate because you might lose your life why would you think your animals would survive?
Pet reunions rare after the storms - Nightly News with Brian Williams - "When Andrew and Glenda Smith fled New Orleans in a packed car there was no room for their dogs.

'We left food upstairs and downstairs,' he says.

Instead, Max and Zach were rescued and taken to the Lamar Dixon animal shelter. The Smiths found Zach in a cage, but no trace of little Max.

'I probably spend about two to three hours a day, sometimes more, on the Internet and on the phones searching,' says Glenda."
I'm sure Max would be impressed at all the effort to retrieve him, maybe if they had put that effort into bringing him with them they wouldn't be so sad. Something with a beating heart is more important than any inanimate object (ask the right to lifers), something these pet owners seem to have forgotten. In an emergency if I had to take something in 30 seconds, it would be me, mom and Shai Shai.

I hope these people don't have kids that irritate them

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