Saturday, December 10, 2005

Things On My Mind

I have to be at work in a few minutes and thought, hmm maybe I should post something.

I miss Mixter. She always made me feel I wasn't alone with my irritation over some of the inconsiderations that man can show to his fellows.

This link was sent to me be by a very faithful reader, hoping that I would like it and not be offended, due to my special sense of humor. He was right. I had reviewed the Negro Space Program on my Stumble page last August. Absolutely priceless. Now I know why I always liked Dark Side of the Moon. Rick, thanks for reminding me.

Great, now everybody will be doing it. Even if it works it will have to be shared by so many people it might not be worth the paperwork. Bummer, dude.

Get over it. Next thing you know they will have a drug that makes you like people. Try learning that you aren't the center of the Universe and learn to get along. What a crock.

Take your Strategy for Victory into retirement. All of you need to get a grip on reality and understand that death is very rarely considered victory. War sucks.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Two cans and a string didn't work when I was a kid. Maybe they should check in with our space program and see how they manage communications from all over the world during an expedition, this is past pathetic. Why do people think we are so technologically advanced?

Something different, I hope it works since the numbers are increasing.

What the frog is wrong with these people??? All of them are out of their little tiny minds. Dead is dead, doesn't matter to their families if it was a bullet, heart attack or humvee accident. The grief is the same. Some of the responses were so cold and heartless that I am greatful not to be related to them and I hope they don't have children.

Oh well, I have to hit the rain locker and race off to work, have a great day.

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