Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Top Ten Lists

I personally don't have one, but the LA Times recipe top ten is out and it does happen to include my new favorite way to make eggs(major yum), but the burger looks really good also.

A luscious year's top 10 - Los Angeles Times
It wasn't easy to choose the 10 best. There were a few we knew had to be included. The Italian-style slow-roasted shoulder of pork that we perfected by testing it no fewer than nine times, from Laurie Winer's March story about porchetta. Nancy Silverton's burgers, which forever changed the way we think about hamburgers, from Emily Green's August cover story.

Then it gets tougher.

We went crazy for Russ Parsons' brilliant snap pea soup with Parmesan cream, from his April story on snap peas. But back in February, when he showed us a completely new way to look at quiche, those recipes were life-changingly great too.

I'm sure I'll find more before the year is out.

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