Thursday, December 22, 2005

The White House is Number One!

Not that this is anything to be proud of. The truth hurts, I don't like the man but hey, he is right. - Hussein: White House 'No. 1 liar in the world' - Dec 22, 2005: "Hussein charged Thursday that the Bush administration lied when it claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just at it lied by disputing his claims of being beaten.

'The White House lies once more,' Hussein said, 'the No. 1 liar in the world. They said in Iraq, there is chemicals, and there is a relation to terrorism, and they announced later we couldn't find any of that in Iraq.

'Also, they said that what Saddam Hussein (said) was not true,' he continued in an apparent reference to his claims Wednesday that he and all seven of his codefendants were beaten and tortured by their American captors.
Hussein: 'We don't lie'

'I have documented the injuries I had before three American medical teams,' he said.

Hussein later appeared to waver, saying the medical teams numbered 'two, for sure, unequivocally.' He began to heal after eight months, he said, but bruises remain three years later.

'We don't lie,' he said. 'The White House lies.'

The U.S. State Department and a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said Hussein's claims of beatings and torture were untrue."
Like who is going to believe that? This is going to be one of those cases where it will depend on who hates the lawyers the least since both sides of the case are contemptible.

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