Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Is It Considered A Cult?

I've studied with Witnesses and have several who are extremely loyal clients. They have never preached to me and their families are some of the most well adjusted young people I have had the pleasure to meet. Their homes are clean, their kids listen to modern music and they are much more tolerant of diversity than some religions lately. No strange uniforms or haircuts either and they were proved right about blood transfusions. No Jim Jones or David Koresh activity, and need I remind anyone of Heaven's Gate?
Herald Sun: Brainwash spares cult reject jail [ 07dec05 ]: "Coral Acacia-Volkmer, 27, avoided jail after telling the court she had been brainwashed by the cult for more than 24 years.

The single mother of a boy, 2, was ordered to do 240 hours unpaid community work and repay more than $50,000 she stole from banks and credit unions.

The Dandenong Magistrates' Court heard that between January 2003 and January last year Acacia-Volkmer presented 62 cheques at nine banking institutions totalling $155,895.

The court heard she told the banks -- mostly in Hamilton -- they were wage cheques to withdraw the money immediately.

She withdrew $53,920 before the cheques were dishonoured.

A surfer, who last year competed in the Roxy Jam Tournament, Acacia-Volkmer has won two awards for customer service since starting with a telecommunications company two years ago. "
There have been some very strange judicial rulings lately and this one lands right up there. What a crock for an excuse. I have studied with Mormons (wacky), laughed at the Scientologists and walked away from their spiel, Catholocism has way to many rules, Protestants are all over the universe. Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim also don't appeal to me.

I believe in God, I don't believe in religion.


  1. I read the article and I am the husband that is mentioned.
    And the is the truth.

  2. I read your comments & I totally agree. This woman is a theif who lied to a judge to avoid jail. JW's never go to church 5 days a week & they have no taching that you give up a percentage of your income. She's a liar, a theif & cheated on her husband. She deserved prison. Everything she claimed was a lie.