Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Witness Protection Plan

Isn't really a viable option in this case and in a Ludlum book...
Lobbyist Nears Terms on Plea Deal - New York Times: "One participant in the case said the deal could be made final as early as next week.

The terms of the plea deal have not been completed, and the negotiations are especially complicated because they involve prosecutors both in Miami and in Washington, where Mr. Abramoff is being investigated in a separate influence-peddling inquiry, participants said. Details of what he feels comfortable pleading guilty to are 'probably largely worked out,' the participant said, while the details of the prison sentence are less resolved.

Some of the details are still 'in flux,' said a participant who, like others interviewed, was granted anonymity because of the sensitivity of the talks.

'Anything can happen,' the participant said, adding that the agreement could fall apart. Another person with detailed knowledge of the case said that while negotiations were continuing, the deal could take longer than another week to be settled."
Anything can happen, is right.

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