Monday, December 26, 2005

Yes, It Did

Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows, love the theme song and my thoughts are not matronly when I think of Weevil or Logan. | 12/26/2005 | Best of television: 25 reasons to tune in
5. ``Veronica Mars'' (UPN)

Like ``Lost,'' this high school drama (with Kristen Bell, above) went from very good to even better at the start of its second season. No other series had quite the same mix of snappy dialogue, emotional kick and pop culture awareness. (UPN)

Lost is okay, not as good as last year or it could be that Ana gets on my last nerve. Battlestar Galactica (willing to watch on Itunes rather than pay comcast for a digital box) rocks though I thought that this last 10 episode arc was a little weak in some departments. 24 will be here in 3 weeks and I stopped watching DH because I got bored. Weeds should be out on dvd soon and hopefully Everwood will give Delia some storylines to help return it to the great show it was. I'll watch West Wing until the last episode, even though they jumped the shark when they killed off Mrs. Landingham and John Spencer's passing will definitely complicate things. Hopefully they won't decide to make the season opener a dream sequence.

Other than that, not much on this season.

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