Saturday, January 28, 2006

And Now, a Word from Alfred E. Neuman

Or someone who used to resemble him 20 years ago.
And Now, a Word for Our Demographic - New York Times: "Simply stated, no audience is perceived to be clamoring for foreign news, the exceptions being wars in their early months that involve American troops, acts of terrorism and, for a couple of weeks or so, natural disasters of truly epic proportions. "
And I thought I was a cynic. So Ted, why'd you keep your bat in reserve? Once the defecation is enroute to the rotary oscillator it is a little too late to look for cover. While it was just us liberals who were screaming that the sky was falling nobody thought it was important. Now that people are being hit with falling chunks everybody is jumping up and screaming "aarrgh!"
The accusation that television news has a political agenda misses the point. Right now, the main agenda is to give people what they want. It is not partisanship but profitability that shapes what you see.
Money. Something that the little people and the truth have very little of.
Now, television news should not become a sort of intellectual broccoli to be jammed down our viewers' unwilling throats. We are obliged to make our offerings as palatable as possible. But there are too many important things happening in the world today to allow the diet to be determined to such a degree by the popular tastes of a relatively narrow and apparently uninterested demographic.
We might as well go back to three channels, it would save time flipping through the remote, and we could have the news in red, blue or white, depending on the station.
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