Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Appropriate Song Title

Sombody's Watching Me
Federal Grants Bring Surveillance Cameras to Small Towns: "Using federal grant money, police plan to put up the 24-hour cameras at such spots as intersections, a sewage plant and the town square. All told, this hamlet will have just three fewer police surveillance cameras than the District of Columbia, which has 181 times Bellows Falls's population.

Similar cameras are already up in the Virginia communities of Galax and Tazewell, where police can pan right down Main Street, and in tiny Preston, Md., with two police officers and five police cameras. An interest in public, permanent video surveillance -- as well as the federal dollars to pay for it -- seems to be flowing down to the smallest levels of American law enforcement.

So far, the growth of small-town surveillance camera systems has not received much national notice. But it already seems to be changing the way such Mayberry-size places are policed.

'People don't notice things' as they used to in Bellows Falls, said Keith Clark, the village's police chief. Instead, 'now, technology is there to do that.'"
Police state. If they get matching uniforms I am so out of here.

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