Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Be Glad You Aren't An Iraqi

If Americans are gloomy about Iraq's future, how do they feel? - Poll: Iraq won't be governing itself soon - Jan 11, 2006: "Fewer than one in five, or about 19 percent, of the 1,003 adults quizzed Friday through Sunday, said they believe Iraqis can assemble a sound, democratic government in the next 12 months that is able to maintain order without the assistance of U.S. troops. Seventy-five percent said they didn't believe that would happen.

Removing the deadline seemed to improve respondents' confidence, as 46 percent of those polled said the country would one day be able to produce a stable government. Another 46 percent said Iraq would never be capable of such a feat without U.S. assistance, and 7 percent said they had no opinion.

The poll also suggested that most Americans remain skeptical about the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, with 52 percent telling pollsters it wasn't worth going to war. However, this is a marked decrease from a poll taken fewer than two months ago, indicating that 60 percent of Americans didn't think the war was worth the cost.

The poll, released Wednesday, said 46 percent of Americans thought the war was worthwhile, and 3 percent had no opinion. The poll had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 5 percentage points."
You can plus-or-minus alll you want, this was a stupid decision and trying to rationalize the debacle or envision a more positive ending, this a pretty clear situation of "we screwed up, big time".

How do you ask someone to be the last one to die for a mistake?

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