Monday, January 23, 2006

Champagne Sundays On The Patio

At the Sagebrush Cantina were so much fun and bring back fond memories. As a former smoker with asthma, I move away from smokers or just make sure I don't spend too much time in the area. Sort of like radiation. I don't appreciate it when they are huddled by the front door and I am forced to smell it on the way in or out. That being said, unless society is willing to treat them for the addiction that most of them have, making them smoke in dark alleys and back rooms will not make them stop. I find perfume to be much more offensive. Extremely offensive as a matter of fact. Most of them, which people wear in waaay too much abundance, cause my lungs to seize up and breathing becomes the focus of my life. Cigarettes don't do that to me. Political correctness and self involvement have caused society to run amok.
California City Bans Even Outdoor Smoking | "
The city has banned smoking in outdoor public spaces when other people are present. Nonsmokers who ask smokers to put out their cigarettes but are refused can file a complaint with the city attorney's office.

'Everything is forbidden here,' said Tal Genin, a smoker. 'No skateboarding, no rollerblading; you can't swim in the lake. It's like 'The Truman Show': Everything looks really nice, but you can't live life.'

Mayor Barry Groveman defended the law, saying he hoped it would prompt restaurants, malls, and other businesses with outdoor public spaces to create separate outdoor smoking 'outposts.'"
Where? Out in the parking lot that doesn't have enough room for all the cars? What will be the next habit to be declared offensive? Eating ice cream cones in public because it might have sexual connotations? Ever since the Sambos (I've eaten at the original and the food rocks!) decision people have lost all sense of perspective.

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