Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Disconnected From Reality

And they don't even realize it and never will. Retention is up because of stop/loss and fraudulent reenlistment practices. Only people who haven't served would think that things were going well.
Rumsfeld Says Military Not Overextended: "Rumsfeld said that 'retention is up' and that recruitment levels must meet higher goals, ones raised because of the operations on the ground.

At the same time, Rumsfeld added: 'There is no question if a country is in a conflict and we are in the global war on terror, it requires our forces to do something other than what they do in peacetime.'

'The force is not broken,' Rumsfeld said, suggesting such an implication was 'almost backward.'

'The world saw the United States military go halfway around the world in a matter of weeks, throw the Al Qaida and Taliban out of Afghanistan, in a landlocked country thousands and thousands of miles away. They saw what the United States military did in Iraq.

'And the message from that is not that this armed force is broken, but that this armed force is enormously capable,' Rumsfeld said.

The Army fell more than 6,600 recruits short of its goal of enlisting 80,000 troops last year, the first time it missed its annual target since 1999 and the largest shortfall in 26 years."
He uses examples that are years old, what have we done lately? The report is about the future and how the military is strained to the breaking point, not that they didn't do their jobs in the past.

This administration has no compunction against comparing apples to rockets.

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