Monday, January 16, 2006

Everywhere but here

Supposedly the world leader and initiator of democracy, the US still worries about whether a woman will be strong enough, or emotionally stable enough, or, or, or? Meanwhile the rest of the world moves on without us, while we worry about trivial matters. Whatever.
World | "Bachelet, 54, is also drawing the support of young Chileans, particularly women who are making up a rapidly increasing percentage of the work force and who support one in three Chilean households.

'I think her brand of leadership will be tremendously close, tremendously friendly and tremendously unhierarchical,' said Marta Lagos, head of the MORI polling firm.

'I believe she will make a real attempt to transform (Chile's) rigid social structure in terms of dismantling inequalities.' She said that otherwise Bachelet would continue policies of the Lagos government.

Bachelet's brief imprisonment and torture at the beginning of the military dictatorship and her unlikely later role as defense minister presented a compelling life story to Chileans.

She went into exile with her mother to Australia and Germany after they were both released from prison.

Her father, an air force general, died of a heart attack in a prison camp where he had been tortured. He was one of about 3,000 people who died or disappeared in political violence during the military regime.

Critics have said Bachelet relies too much on her personal image and family history to fuel her popularity, and that she has failed to outline clear policies regarding how she will combat the wide gap between rich and poor in Chile."
Chances are that she won't seek to widen the gap, unlike here at home.

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