Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Don't Care

I am not right wing, but on this subject I feel very strongly. Sexual abuse of children is grounds for the death penalty. I do not believe in the death penalty but on this point I can be persuaded. I was irritated when I heard of the decision and I am still irritated. If you go can to go to jail for years for pot, there is NO EFFING EXCUSE to get off on any crime as serious as this. I don't wan't sexual offenders to have another chance. I don't care if new ways of rehabilitation work, tough catooties.
THE CASHMAN CASE: YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF RIGHT-WING DEMAGOGUERY: "But once you get past the demagoguery and the political pandering and look at the facts, one quickly sees that Cashman was hardly being a liberal softy by issuing a sentence that, on the surface, appears lenient but definitely is not.
Under Vermont Department of Corrections rules, Hulett was classified as low-risk and ineligible for sex-offender treatment. The only way he would qualify for treatment was if Hulett received the lesser sentence of 60 days.
That 60-day sentence came with lots of conditions. Hulett got up to 10 years on the first count, three years to life on the second count and two to five years on the third count. While all three of those sentences were suspended, Hulett got what amounts to a lifetime sentence of probation.
If he refuses treatment, he'll go to prison for a very long time. If he violates any of the terms of his probation — no alcohol or drug use, no association with any children anywhere and no viewing or possession of pornography, among other conditions — he goes to prison.
What Cashman essentially gave Hulett was two choices, rehabilitate himself or spend the rest of his life in prison.
Cashman, who has a long reputation as a tough, no-nonsense judge, displayed the sort of judicial courage that's rarely seen today. He has forced Vermont to confront a major problem with the state's judicial system.
There are Republicans in the Vermont Legislature who would like to see mandatory 25-year minimum sentences for sexual assault. It's an idea that would play well politically and would quickly bankrupt the state."
Let out the potsmokers and petty thieves, find another way to punish, but I want ALL sexual child abusers locked up, with the key at the bottom of the Mariana trench.

Not that I have an opinion on this matter.
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