Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jack has boundaries?

Somebody get me a hacksaw! Jack knows no bounds which means this season should be a lot of fun. I hope. - Jack's back for a fifth season of '24' - Jan 12, 2006: "But now, as the hit series starts up its fifth season with a two-night, four-part marathon (Sunday and Monday, 8 o'clock, EST) , the stress on Bauer, an agent for the fictional federal Counter-Terrorist Unit (CTU), is finally taking its toll.

'This time, something happens to Jack on a very personal level that pisses him off,' says Bauer's alter-ego, star Kiefer Sutherland. 'Because he's presumed dead, a lot of the boundaries he was restricted by -- by virtue of who he was working for -- simply don't exist now. And he's mad.'

Until now, Sutherland has only subtly allowed the stress of selflessly saving the world to show on Bauer's boyish face. This season, however, besides being cranky, our clean-cut action hero is looking downright disheveled.

'The weight on people who are responsible for making decisions that affect so many lives, you can only imagine what that must be like -- putting 10 lives at risk to save 1000,' the actor says.

Bauer has been in a constant fight against not only terrorists but often the bureaucracy of his own government.

'Sometimes bureaucracies are incompetent, just by virtue of the fact that they're bureaucracies,' says co-executive producer Howard Gordon. 'And, sometimes, Jack has to do things outside the law.'

Gordon notes that while Bauer has a strong moral compass, 'he's sort of politically agnostic. He has a humility and respect for the government on one hand, but a contempt for it on the other ... Jack's strength is in his ability to navigate these really narrow straits, keeping the greater good in mind, even while doing the most loathsome things.'

Having faked Bauer's death at the end of last season, the new story line was a challenge for the writers. 'We had kind of painted ourselves into a corner,' grins Gordon."
Jack likes corners.
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