Monday, January 30, 2006

Rocking In The Free World

Downloading Battlestar Galactica to Itunes and then watching it on my schedule works for me.
Steve Jobs controls your living room - Jan. 27, 2006: "On Wednesday night, Gene Munster was thinking about going to the movies; but he did something else instead. He spent $1.99 to watch a campy 1960s TV show on his laptop. The first season of the Munsters -- a comedy about a family of monsters and their struggles to lead an all-American life -- was available for download on iTunes. Munster, for obvious reasons, couldn't resist.

The experience reaffirmed something for Piper Jaffray's Apple Computer analyst as he pondered the impact of Disney's plans to buy Pixar (Research) -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs' other company: Most investors think there is a battle raging for control of the digital home, pitting the cable companies, the phone companies, Google, Apple, Yahoo (Research), Microsoft (Research) and the entire consumer electronics industry against one another in a fight to the death. They're wrong. In Munster's view, Apple has already won.

It already is the defacto front end for our digital music experience, making it easy to listen on our iPod, computer speakers and increasingly our home stereo. Now, he says, with the access Apple will no doubt get to Disney (Research)'s vast library of movies and TV shows, iTunes is about to get a huge boost toward becoming the front end for our digital TV and movie experience too."
Maybe, Emil and the Detectives will be available or In Search of the Castaways so I can see that ridiculous wave from nowhere again. Technology rocks!

When used in small doses and at your convenience.

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