Friday, January 20, 2006

Turn, Turn, Turn

So that you can spin in place. I've submitted a question to the WaaahPoo online chat in the futile hope that Jim Brady will explain why Ms. Howell is allowed to "report" inaccurate information (more than once). She has done as good a job as ombudsman as Brown did with FEMA.

Whatever happened to a good work ethic? Fast, sloppy and inaccurate seem to have replaced pride, attention to detail and respect for your good name.

Update: In response to a question from Wayne, Pa, Mr. Brady foolishly reprinted Ms. Howell's "clarification", as if that isn't going to set people off again. With an intro line of "in case you missed it". Are these guys that clueless? Sheesh!

Update 2: Pick me, pick me! Since it doesn't look like my questions will get answered in the live chat, maybe I can be one of those bloggers who might be consulted. Please?

Update 3: What a colossal waste of time. Arrogant responses to people he considered to be stupid.
Jim Brady: I'm not sure how you personally attack a political party, which is not an individual. But on that note, it's time to go personally attack a turkey sandwich, so thanks for the questions. We'll keep working to get comments back up on
How appropriate. Turkey for turkey. Definitely not on the same planet with those he considers to be the unwashed masses.

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