Thursday, January 05, 2006

Unfair Comparisons

We lost 12 miners and this is much more important. They might as well quit reporting all deaths in Iraq because America has moved on. It is so yesterday.

Iraq Blasts Kill 80 in Two Cities
The deaths brought the two day death toll to at least 134 victims, Shiite and Sunni alike, in an increasingly brutal chain of attacks on Iraqis.

The Karbala explosion happened just outside the Imam Hussein mosque, a gathering place for thousands of religious pilgrims 60 miles southwest of Baghdad. Some Iranians were among the dead, officials said.

TV footage showed blood pooling in the streets outside the shrine and men hauling body parts in wooden dollies.

In Ramadi, 60 miles West of Baghdad, two suicide bombers detonated a load of explosives outside an Army recruiting center where more than 130 recruits were lined up waiting to apply for a job, said Iraqi Army Capt. Saad Abid Ali.

"I heard a huge explosion" said Amar Oda, a 23 year old job seeker. "I couldn't force my legs to run because of shrapnel," he said, so he crawled behind a cement barrier.

Other recruits panicked and stampeded out of the entrance, only to encounter another bomber who detonated his explosive belt. "I just saw the flesh and body parts festooning the cement barriers," Oda said.

Among those killed were tribal leaders who had come to supervise recruitment of local men into the new army, said Majeed Tikriti, a physician in Ramadi's hospital, who confirmed the death toll of 60.

Wednesday, a suicide bomber and heavily armed gunmen attacked a funeral procession for the nephew of a Shiite Muslim politician in Muqdadiyah, killing at least 42 people and wounding at least 36, according to the director of the city's hospital.

It was the deadliest incident on a bloody day that ended weeks of relative peace since parliamentary elections on Dec. 15.
Every day is deadly over there. I just heard on the radio that we just lost 7 soldiers in two roadside bombings. Again.

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