Friday, January 20, 2006

A Whale of a Good Story

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Whale spotted in central London: "But at 0830 GMT on Friday, a man on a train called in to say he might have been hallucinating, but he had just seen a whale in the Thames.

Alison Shaw of the Marine and Freshwater Conservation Programme at London Zoo, said the northern bottle-nosed whale was usually found in groups of three to 10 and there had been sightings of another two.

She told the BBC News website: 'This is extremely rare in British waters as they are normally found in deep waters in the North Atlantic.

'It is about 16-18ft long, so is relatively mature

'It is a very long way from home and we don't know why it has ended up here'."
Big Ben? Fish and chips? Curiosity is not limited to humans.
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