Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What, She Said

Delusion and Illusion Worthy of Dickens - New York Times: "The bumbling Bush team that ignored the warning 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States' also ignored one that went something like: 'Katrina Determined to Attack New Orleans.' And now the White House is trying to inhibit Congressional questions on Katrina, just as it did for the 9/11 inquiries.

The administration's p.r. offensive on warrantless - and questionably effective - snooping is so aggressive that it has even risked exposing the president to an occasional unscripted, but still not tough, question. So he rambles on about steering clear of 'Brokeback Mountain' and the therapeutic value of mountain biking. And he calls Barney, the Scottish terrier, 'the son I never had.' (Barney's dad is all bark and no bite.)"
Barney doesn't obey him any more than Jenna (where is she?) and not Jenna do. Bush admitted on camera to Al Roker that he kisses his dog, which some people (non-doglovers) might find disgusting, but I find to be the First Renter's only redeeming feature.

She must be suffering from the same ennui as me because she wasn't as witty as usual.

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