Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Can They Do Drugs Too?

On the job? I believe that they rotate you off the Vice squad so you don't become compromised. What, do they bring in the filled condom as proof that she did her job? If they were trying to catch gay guys, would this rationale still apply?
local6.com - News - Sheriff: Officers Must Have Sex With Prostitutes For Evidence: "Court documents show that four times last month, county detectives allowed women at a massage parlor to perform sex acts on them. In one case, a lawman left a $350 tip. Smith acknowledged the practice is not new.

Smith told The Washington Post that only unmarried detectives are allowed to do the under-the-covers work.

He said actual sex acts are needed to help win prostitution convictions.

'If I thought we could get the conviction without that, we wouldn't allow it,' Smith told the newspaper. 'If you want to make them, this has to be done.'

He said most prostitutes are careful not to say anything incriminating, which makes sexual contact necessary"
Riiight! Like the dark mirrored sunglasses and the mustache don't give it away.

Of course, this could increase recruiting.

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