Monday, February 06, 2006

Illusions of Fiscal Responsibility

Does David Copperfield know that his title as this generations preeminent illusionist is in danger?
The Raw Story | Bush budget changes, 2007: "Agencies seeing decreased funds in Bush 2007 budget, by percentage:

Corps of Engineers -41.3 Housing and Urban Development -29.9 Education -28.5 Defense -8.7 Environmental Protection Agency -4.9 Interior -2.4 Commerce -2.2 Energy -1.8 Justice -0.6

Agencies seeing increased funds in Bush 2007 budget, by percentage:

State 13.1 Legislative Branch 10.9 Veterans 10.4 Homeland Security 9.8 Treasury 9.2 Judiciary 8.1 Labor 5.5 Social Security 5.2 Transportation 4.9 HHS 3.1 NASA 1.0 Agriculture 0.2"
Okay, let's see if I get this budget. If it produces, repairs, houses, teaches, protects, moves, is located physically within the US borders and requires an impartial arbitrator, it will no longer be funded in a helpful manner. If it produces worthless paper, spies on US citizens, or has some ornamental function they get a slight increase to show that not all is being cut.

So, where's the rest of the money? Must be a tax cut for all those people who have had dividend payments and don't actually work for a living.

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