Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just The Facts

She uses very little hyperbole and just sticks to the facts, with a little opinion but not much. I enjoy reading her so much that I forget she is a reporter that writes an opinion page and not the other way around as in some other publications or mediums.
Smoking Dutch Cleanser - New York Times: "Asked yesterday by Senator Susan Collins why the administration had reacted in slo-mo on Katrina, with 'people dying, people waiting to be rescued,' Michael Brown replied that if FEMA had declared that a terrorist had blown up the 17th Street Canal levee, 'then everybody would have jumped all over that and been trying to do everything they could.'

Instead of just going after the 9/11 fiends, as W. promised with his bullhorn, the president and Vice President Strangelove have cynically played the terror card to accrue power and sidestep blame. They have twisted our values, mismanaged crises, fueled fundamentalist successes and violence around the world, and magnified a clash of civilizations.

It used to take an Israeli incursion to inflame the Arab world. Now all it takes is a cartoon in Denmark.
Chortle, chortle.
W. and Vice have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars, turning Iraq into a terrorist training ground, leaving the 9/11 villains at large, and letting cronies and losers botch the job of homeland security."
I wonder what she could have come up with if she had been investigating something of national substance instead of the rhetorical "Are Men Necessary?.

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