Monday, February 13, 2006

No Points Were Lost

People were just a little irritated about being treated as intellectually challenged children. Blog: "Lost in all this were several positive points that Brady made in the piece, including this most encouraging statement regarding how The Post and the Web site are moving forward with interactivity:

The irony of the backlash to my decision to shut off this comment string last month was that we've taken numerous steps during the past year to open up the Post Web site to its readers. We have 80 to 90 hours of live discussion programming every week, almost half of which involve Post reporters and editors. We've launched more than 30 blogs, which allow for reader comments and which have built vibrant communities. On our article pages, we've added links to related blogs. Just last week, we began hyperlinking all bylines on the site to allow readers to more easily send e-mail to Post reporters and editors. We'll continue to add features that allow us to interact with readers.

That’s an encouraging development. Too bad it’s gotten all bogged down re-fighting the old fight. "
As I stated on your blog; no, I didn't. Of course, my faithful readers and I don't have as much clout as the people you referenced, but I did read the whole article, believe I was fair in my assessment of the situation, and gave kudos where they were due.

Maybe it would have been better phrased as "lost by some in the blogosphere". You don't want us making sweeping statements including you with bad press, bloggers would appreciate the same respect in return.

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