Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive

Eat and drink what you like, but do it in moderation. It is ok to have a slice of chocolate cake once in a while, it just shouldn't be the biggest one you can find.
Low-Fat Diet's Benefits Rejected: "The women on the low-fat diet had slightly lower levels of 'bad' cholesterol -- low-density lipoprotein -- and blood pressure, but their risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease was unaffected, one paper showed. There were indications, however, that women who cut down on saturated fat, or who ate more fruits and vegetables, did lower their risk.
This I believe, it makes sense and still leaves you able to enjoy the finer things in life, just not to excess.
Similarly, when the researchers looked at colorectal cancer, the women who cut their fat intake had no decrease in risk, according to the second paper. But they were less likely to develop polyps that increase the risk, suggesting that a benefit may emerge later on, the researchers said.
Who says scientists have no sense of humor?
The third paper found that the low-fat diet also did not significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer. Women on the low-fat diet did have 9 percent fewer breast cancers, but researchers could not be sure that difference was not the result of chance. There were other encouraging hints, however, including signs that women who were consuming the most fat when the study began, or those prone to certain types of tumors, may benefit, especially if they were followed longer."
Mine are scheduled for demolition in a few weeks, less to worry about.
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