Thursday, February 23, 2006

So Conservatives Are Happier

What a load of crap. George Will goes on and on in the useless exercise of a ridiculous theory designed to justify antisocial behaviors.
Smile if (and Only if) You're Conservative: "Conservatives' pessimism is conducive to their happiness in three ways. First, they are rarely surprised -- they are right more often than not about the course of events.
In this century? I don't think so. They haven't been "right" on anything. Iraq, outsourcing, warrantless spying, Katrina, outing a CIA officer, the list goes on.
Second, when they are wrong, they are happy to be so.
Right. If you take into account how many times they blame someone else for the problems caused by their lack of realistic foresight. It is never their fault. The Iraq war springs to mind again. Umm and didn't we just have a more recent example? Something about shooting a hunting companion and then trying to make it look like it was his fault. I don't remember exactly, all of the scandals are blurring together. They are starting to occur at a rate faster than one a week, and I'm beginning to lose track.
Third, because pessimistic conservatives put not their faith in princes -- government -- they accept that happiness is a function of fending for oneself. They believe that happiness is an activity -- it is inseparable from the pursuit of happiness.
What do you mean conservatives don't put their faith in government? They use is it at every opportunity to ensure that they benefit when needed. Tax cuts and pork barrel spending spring to mind. How is that bridge to nowhere doing? Their happiness is an activity predicated on taking from the little people to give to people who already have more than they need. Or deserve.
The right to pursue happiness is the essential right that government exists to protect. Liberals, taking their bearings, whether they know it or not, from President Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 State of the Union address, think the attainment of happiness itself, understood in terms of security and material well-being, is an entitlement that government has created and can deliver."
The government is supposed to protect the people, specifically the little people, not make sure that those who have, keep having, and to then prevent anyone on the bottom from ever moving up. Try pursuing happiness in this country without a decent education, good healthcare or the right contacts. Your odds are better if you plan on winning the lottery.

George, you should be ashamed of yourself. With the Republican party in disarray and the conservatives confused about what they are conserving, your time would be better spent writing about the abuses of power that the aforementioned government seems to be exercising. That's as far from conservative as this country has ever been.

Oh yeah, how's our budget deficit these days?

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