Tuesday, March 21, 2006

24-My thoughts

Where's Kim? Napping? She got to watch Edgar die, Jack never talked to her after Soul Patch passed. And who the hell is this dickhead vice president who thinks he's running the country?

I knew there were going to be some plot twists, but Audrey? Very fishy and waaay tooo many episodes left for this to be the complete story. And I definitely don't want to sound racist, but if I was Curtis I would quietly (Haysbert and Woodside, Yusuf all come to mind) walk off the job with no forwarding address because sidekicks and black men do not have the best track record on 24.

Remember, behind every successful man is a woman that put him there, and since we know Jean Smart will be there until the end, I wouldn'y dismiss her as the druggie wife.

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