Friday, March 24, 2006

Hate To Ask This

But I am in desperate need of donations. I am completely unemployed not just because of the surgery (which was a blessing!) but due to the fall, I can no longer stand for long periods of time until the the crushed vessels and capillaries heal. When I lost 50 pounds last year it didn't occur to me that my clothes wouldn't fit. Neither did my shoes. I suffered with two pairs of sweats and jeans. Now I do not have a top that will fit. Not even remotely. Mentally I really wasn't prepared to go from XL to S(mall). Go figure.

My finances are past disaster stage, for 5 bucks I could feed my mom and myself two decent meals if I didn't care about veggies, which I do. Any suggestions?

I love my Ipod, but music is expensive even at .99 a song.

I ran thru every drop of both mine and my mother's savings, feel like the worst daughter on the planet and unless I find some miracle plan we are going down in an inferno to tower anything that Irwin Allen produced.

I'm open to helpful suggestions. Thanks.

Update: This had been planned to the last detail to avoid this carnage but when the surgery was delayed for two weeks in addition to the fall, all the best laid plans couldn't salvage this disaster. God, I hate when I whine, but the idea of my mom being homeless is not appealing to me very well at the moment!

Sorry for whining. I normallly like Cambozola to cleanse the palate.

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