Monday, March 27, 2006

Six More Pills

Of this antibiotic remain, no return calls from either doctor or pharmacist. I will admit that I have done recreational party adjuncts that have left me in better brain condition. If it wasn't so important (and that the effect wears off inbetween doses) I would quit taking it.

So lots of stuff happened. None of it I could swear to, I feel like a Faux news watcher. I dimly remember a (former) Repub friend asking if there was any way to bring down McCain before it was too late. The only thing this man has going for him is that he isn't Bush.

That doesn't make him a good alternative, it just means he isn't as bad. In a burn case, a 95% body burn and a 35% body burn are usually fatal. One just takes a little longer, hurts more and forces more agony upon all those concerned from healthgiver to love giver.

2008 here I come. After 6 more red horse pills.

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