Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Honored

Someone from my family read my archives from start to finish. Wow. Usually only my Canadian or Irish readers do that. I still don't have the post about my dad up. I miss him so much and reminiscing about him has reinforced why Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings just don't do anything for me.

Every other Saturday for more than 10 years I drove from Los Angeles or San Francisco (every w/e due to mom's surgery) and spent that time with my parents. As an adult I am so grateful because I got to watch my parents being themselves. Used to wig me out to watch them hold hands, kiss and nuzzle. They're parents with kids in the house, have they no shame? We used to laugh every time it happened. 38 years of marriage and my dad still felt the urge to cuddle (not help) my mother while she washed dishes. He was rather plump so it was a really long stretch for him, but he did it. And it was cute. 38 years and he still felt that way. I was always sorry that I was incapable of following in their footsteps. I have one brother whose marriage has a good chance of making it as far I can tell. It wasn't the teacher, it was the student.

I used to make these hot wings with a sauce from a small plant in Atascadero and matching margaritas (not frozen) to match. The idea was to see just how hot and buzzed from one plate of appetizers. Mom would have one or two hot wings, not margaritas, I only made one for each of us. Then I would cook some kind of dinner, we would hang out until one or two and off to bed I would go. Man did we have fun.

Sunday mornings while his mom and my mom were at church we would either watch the Lakers if they were on or Tony Brown's Journal or David Brinkley's show. This happened either in person or on the phone. We used to have a blast. I haven't watched a basketball game since. It just hasn't felt right.

I enjoyed talking politics with my dad, we started when the military moved us to Puerto Rico in 1963 and continued until the weekend I last spoke with him.

Every year they have special 4th of July celebrations because they miss him. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I can use Rovian logic when needed.

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