Monday, April 10, 2006

The Ipod generation

Isn't particularly fond of commercials. I'm willing to pay a $1.99 to watch a show at my convenience, without commercials. I like the idea of zipping from scene to scene without something I am not likely to buy interfering with my pleasure.
ABC offering shows for free online - Apr. 10, 2006: "The online video offering, like regular TV, will include advertisements.

Some analysts said that the move has the potential to dramatically impact the way viewers watch TV and shakeup the industry -- others weren't convinced that there would be much impact at all.

'This is pretty significant. The most obvious benefit the consumer will see is the ability to watch a show whenever it is convenient. It takes the TiVo concept and applies it to the Web,' said Phil Leigh, president of Inside Digital Media, a Tampa-based research firm.

But Laura Martin, an analyst with Soleil - Media Metrics who heard the announcement first-hand at a cable industry trade show in Atlanta, said the ABC executive downplayed its significance, calling it an experiment.
Networks want to hold onto the iPod generation

Nonetheless, the move by ABC is a clear indication that major media companies and advertisers realize that the television industry is in flux."
Try putting decent shows on that pretend we are all adults and have control of the remote. In an effort to protect a generation that we only show respect for in order to make sure that they aren't enjoying themselves, we have ruined television (repeat the same premise from year to other year), music (aren't there more than six or seven people that make music? And if they could make sure that the internet could only be used to compute math equations (the kind that kill people) they would.

I am constantly being called a control freak (even though I'm anal retentive...pottytrained at gunpoint) but this might be what helps me recognize it when it is being slid in under the radar.

So they think.

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