Sunday, April 16, 2006

Verizon Sucks The big Weenie

I called them last month, explained I was in the hospital and had to make a lot of emergency phone calls. It also seems that there was a company that I got charged EVERY MINUTE they called even though I never answered. He said not to worry that for one month they could adjust my minutes so I wouldn't go over because my plan was up for renewal in less than 30 days. I have never come close to using my minutes before, now the bill is $200 and they won't budge. I can't even view the breakdown of my bill for another few days.

Unfortunately they say, their is nothing they can do. My contract is up on the 25th and another company willl be getting my business. I was just getting ready to add their broadband to my computer but they can kiss my ass before another dime comes out of my account for this ripoff company. I hope AT&T takes them down. Sprint/Nextel anybody else will have my business before I ever recommend this company to a dying dog. Or anything else.

Verizon sucks and needs to be put out of business. They make no effort to work with you and if I had more computer savvy I would make their life the living hell that they have made mine.

Meanwhile I need computer access on this computer while on the road.

Update: It seems that Verizon has blocked all access to any other providers. That's ok, my feet still work.

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