Wednesday, May 31, 2006

6 Billion Per Month

Eventually that might add up to real money. That's our tax money that is being spent everywhere except on the American public. Next time you hit a pothole, the police, fire or ambulance takes too long to come to your house remember that your city and state taxes can't cover everything that the Federal government has decided the states are responsible for. I wonder if that six billion includes veteran and reporter rehab? - Dobbs: President, Congress ignoring crises - May 31, 2006: "The Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, says he wants border security first and then pushes through an illegal immigrant amnesty bill. The Minority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, between attending boxing matches for free, believes requiring that English be our national language is racist.

Sen. John 'Straight-talkin' ' McCain, R-Arizona, is beginning to take on the form of a political pretzel as he shapes his pandering for a run for the 2008 presidential election. And Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, is now lined up with corporate America in supporting the onslaught of cheap foreign labor into this country while forsaking his party's historical alliance with working men and women and their families.

These men are jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring symbols of their respective party's lack of commitment to truth, the American Dream and our nation's middle class. How are we supposed to take these political leaders and the parties they represent seriously?

The answer is obvious.

As the midterm elections approach, both political parties will be treating us to their usual propaganda blitzes on wedge issues such as gay marriage, abortion, gun control and the pledge of allegiance. But it's unlikely either party will articulate policy positions on the issues of urgent importance to our middle class and those that aspire to it. Those issues include, of course, a number of outright crises that the president and Congress are ignoring, rather than resolving.

The war in Iraq continues to cost American lives and about $6 billion a month. And rather than enunciate a clear strategy for victory, the president asks us for patience while assuring us there will be more losses and challenges ahead. The Democrats stand all but mute.

Our public education system is failing nationwide. While SAT scores decline, teachers in every state fail competency exams, and our high school dropout rate shows no sign of real improvement. Both parties point to their bipartisan bandage, No Child Left Behind, rather than propose real and immediate solutions."
Political pretzel. That was funny as well as accurate. As foreclosures, gas and food continue to rise, please let's worry about a flag burning amendment or preventing marriage between people who will never be interested in heterosexuals. Let's not worry about kids who can't read, write, add or subtract. Just keep up with the neverending nationwide beauty pageant and forget about us little people who can't afford to challenge the status quo.

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