Thursday, May 25, 2006

Agree With The Sentiment

But I really don't like his tone. Not that mine is much better. While I believe that the requirements should be met, if my mom and Schwarzenegger can do it, then everyone should have to do it. It demonstrates that you believe that where you are is more important than where you came from. What is the point of giving up your citizenship to a far away country, but still keep the language and traditions? Wherever my dad was stationed I learned the customs of the country we were in. It is called respect. Also, I really got to enjoy the food.
A Vote For English: "In 1906, the year before a rabbi in a Passover sermon coined the phrase 'melting pot' during torrential immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe, Congress passed, and President Theodore Roosevelt signed, legislation requiring people seeking to become naturalized citizens to demonstrate oral English fluency. In 1950 the requirement was strengthened to require people to 'demonstrate an understanding of the English language, including an ability to read, write, and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language.'

Hence, if someone needs a ballot written in a language other than English, that need proves the person obtained citizenship only because the law was not enforced when he or she sought citizenship. So one reason for ending ballots in languages other than English is that continuing them makes a mockery of the rule of law, including even the prospective McCain-Kennedy law that pro-immigration groups favor.

It contains several requirements that those aspiring to citizenship demonstrate 'a knowledge of the English language' or 'English fluency' in order 'to promote the patriotic integration of prospective citizens into the American way of life' and into 'American common values and traditions.' How can legislators support language such as that and ballots in multiple languages?"
My take on immigration is this. If they made it here, they can stay. As long as they pay taxes, learn the language and become citizens. No resident alien stuff. Within 10 years everyone must be either a citizen or a visitor.

I would like to close the borders for a year. Nobody from anywhere while we get our act together. Visitors only. We have to take care of the people we have. The ones that don't own stock, have dividends or the money to send their kids to college. The ones that didn't get tax relief, lost their "guaranteed" pensions", still working to pay off last century's debt with no job or a hope of one. Those guys. We have a gulf coast to rebuild, Wal-Mart needs to train those of us in its methods who aren't qualified to become prison guards or prisoners for that matter. There is serious work to be done in this country.

Our infrastructure needs repairing, our school system needs real help from real people, hope needs to return and corruption needs to be rooted out. The American dream needs to be restored before we can share it with others.

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