Wednesday, May 24, 2006

But Can They Choose The Size They Want?

Bigger is better in America. I have heard that this is very important to men.
ABC News: Scientists Create Artificial Penis: "In their latest study, the Wake Forest researchers first used standard biopsy techniques to harvest smooth-muscle and blood-vessel cells from the penises of healthy adult male rabbits. In the lab, the researchers used these cells to 'seed' a special nutrient-rich collagen matrix. Over time, the cells multiplied within this framework to grow into new penile tissue.

Next, the team surgically removed all of the natural spongy tissue from the penises of the donor rabbits. They then grafted in the engineered tissue.

Atala's group tracked the rabbits' penile growth and function over the next one, three and six months.

The researchers found that the new penises were similar in structure to natural rabbit penises. The 'artificial penis' also achieved and maintained erectile pressures equal to those of normal rabbit penises.

Next came the real test, as the rabbits that had received the new penises were presented with sexually mature females.

Things proceeded just as nature intended, the researchers said.

'Mating activity in the animals with the engineered [penis] resumed by 1 month after implantation,' they reported. 'Presence of sperm was confirmed in the vaginal vault of the female partners, and all females conceived and delivered healthy pups.'

Sharlip cautioned this is a preliminary study involving animals. But he said that 'rabbit tissue is fairly similar to human tissue. If it can be done in rabbits, it probably can be done in humans.'"
This will definitely be a popular procedure and won't lack for funding now that the news is out.

Just pointing out the obvious.

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