Monday, May 08, 2006

Foggedaboutit, Doesn't He wish?

I have been a Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy fan for years, this is just so sad. The CIA involved in a sex and bribery scandal? What's up with that? This agency has been neutered from within, the talent is gone and it will take a while before we have seasoned veterans who actually know what they are doing and how important the job is. Not how it might help there career politically. The patriots are gone and the paperpushers and bootlickers remain.
War Room - "As Newsweek is reporting, the CIA is circulating word today that Dusty Foggo is leaving his post as executive director. As we've reported previously, the CIA's inspector general is investigating Foggo's relationship with Brent Wilkes, one of the defense contractors who has been implicated in the Randy 'Duke' Cunningham bribery case. Foggo and Wilkes are old college buddies; the inspector general is looking into allegations that Foggo may have steered CIA contracts to companies controlled by Wilkes or one of his relatives, Newsweek says."
Like a piece of fruit rotting from within, this story is going to get more fragrant. Much more fragrant.

They gutted one of best spy agencies on earth. The incompetence and accompanying arrogance at every level of this administration is mindboggling.

Besides being dangerous as heck. For another 987 days. Frightening, just frightening.

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