Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The GoMoDo Dragon Sears Again

Stuck in Iraq with no decent way out.
The Captors Become the Captives - New York Times: "Now we see this classic plotline in the Middle East. The inept captors have become the captives. The country the administration precipitously grabbed and overconfidently took over has ended up trapping, draining, flummoxing and alarming the administration, which is more and more desperate to hand it off and escape.

President Bush said Saturday, 'As Iraqis continue to make progress toward a democracy that can govern itself, defend itself, and sustain itself, more of our troops can come home.'
Alive, with all parts intact? What about all the equipment?
And in an interview in the new Vanity Fair, Todd Purdum asks Dick Cheney whether in his 'darkest night' he has even 'a little doubt' about the administration's course. 'No,' Vice says. 'I think what we've done has been what needed to be done.'
From the guy who shot his friend in the face and then tried to blame it on the victim? Spread chaos and hatred. Mission accomplished!
But even if they and their 33 percent unshakeable base are still in denial, there's a growing consensus that their plot was hatched, as O. Henry put it, 'during a moment of temporary mental apparition' and that we're the Middle East hostages now, to war and oil.

The Sunday graduation ceremony for nearly a thousand new Iraqi soldiers at a base near Baghdad turned into an ugly melee when dozens of Sunnis declared they would fight only in their home areas, another reflection of growing internecine bitterness.
Sounds like some people I know.
The Washington Post reported last weekend that American troops in Hawija are growing more distrustful of their Iraqi counterparts, fearing that many soldiers they are training are cooperating with the enemy.
Ya think? They want us out, gone, and take the screen door with you.
Senator Joseph Biden and Leslie Gelb wrote an Op-Ed in The Times on Monday promoting the idea of 'decentralizing' Iraq into three 'ethno-religious' groups, even though critics argue that this could make it more likely that the Sunni section would become a haven for Al Qaeda and the Shiite sector an Iranian satellite.

Another respected retired lieutenant general, William Odom, has joined the toil-and-trouble chorus with a piece in Foreign Policy magazine headlined 'Cut and Run? You Bet.' He writes that withdrawing from 'the big sandy' will encourage the terrorists, but argues that 'our continued occupation of Iraq also encourages the killers — precisely because our invasion made Iraq safe for them.'"
We have made nothing safe, anywhere in the world. With the Taliban back in Afghanistan, what exactly did all our troops die for (no Osama), suffer serious injuries (both physical and moral) and women sliding back into slavery, what was it all about?

Stuck in Iraq, indeed. Mired, not admired. Bleeding resources by the minute. And they never regret their decision.

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