Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How Low Can He Go?

Just the facts, Ma'am.
Father and Son Reunion - New York Times: "But in the new poll, even many of the party faithful are glum. Only 45 percent of evangelical Christians, 69 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of conservatives like the way W. is taking care of bidness. A whopping 70 percent deem the country pretty seriously on the wrong track, and two-thirds consider the nation in worse shape now than when W. took over.

On the issues that earned Karl Rove his nickname, Boy Genius — values and national security — the shift was notable. Fifty percent of respondents said Democrats came closer to sharing their moral values, compared with 37 percent said Republicans did. And the G.O.P. retains a tenuous advantage on being seen as stronger on terrorism. The numbers for those who think we did the right thing invading Iraq are steadily dropping, and rising for those who believe we should have stayed out.

Many Americans have simply lost faith in the administration's ingenuity. Only a quarter of those polled had much confidence in W.'s ability to handle a crisis; a mere 9 percent are sure that he can successfully end the war in Iraq, and a paltry 4 percent think the administration has a clear plan for keeping gas prices down.

The Bush presidency has devolved to an assertion of empty will.

The White House blew off warnings from Republicans in Congress about appointing Gen. Michael Hayden as C.I.A. chief. You know you're in trouble when conservatives fret that the military is getting too much power."
Sometimes if you get what you want, you discover that the cost wasn't worth it. Republicans and average Americans are just starting to figure this out. Better late than never I suppose.
Before the Iraq invasion, it was about fixing the intelligence around the policy. Now it's about appointing yes men and enforcing loyalty. The Bush warriors didn't want good intelligence in the first place because it would have told them they were wrong about Saddam's ties to Al Qaeda and W.M.D. And now they're still more concerned with turf battles than with truth-tellers, and finding someone — anyone — who can tell us where Osama is. (Osama who?)
Osama been forgotten. He was never important to Bush, only the means to an end. The end of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and economic security for the little folks.

What the heck do we have an army for if we needed the National Guard and Reserves to fill in almost 50% from the start of the war and that isn't counting all the work that got "contracted out" to Halliburton. There is no Radar in Baghdad to make sure that things go smoothly. Lots of work for Spearchucker though, the neuros are getting quite a workout.

How low can Bush go before the nation does something besides watch American Idol?

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