Monday, May 29, 2006

Quote of the Week

Unguarded moments usually reveal what people are thinking. Sometimes the truth just pops right out.
Blair Bowed to U.S. Pressure in Speech, Paper Says: "The paper reported that during the climate change section of the speech, a cellphone rang in the audience and Blair quipped, 'I hope that isn't the White House telling me they don't agree with that. They act very quickly, these guys.'"
A little twitchy are we? Well, with all that wiretapping what would you expect? They know your every move and are working on your every thought. Frightened yet?

In the movie The President's Analyst, James Coburn was at the beck and call of the President (the one we have, needs one now). One scene took place as he was going to the bathroom, a flashing red light came on to let him know he was wanted. I always wondered how they knew where he was. That was a long time ago but it still seems to be valid in this day and age.

Thanks to The Tao of Politics for the link, I would have missed it because the rest of the story was old news. We know that Blair is a puppet, now we know he isn't all that fond of being a lapdog. Wants his independence. Good luck with that.

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