Thursday, May 18, 2006

Traditional Republicans Are A Thing Of The Past

And have been for several years. This is what values voting leads to. At first it looked successful, but running the country is different than running a campaign and the First Renter and his minions haven't figured that out yet.
The GOP begins to implode | "Last month, when a prominent organization of the religious right, the Family Research Council, attempted to summon support for the House bill, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference warned that it would break away, and the stunned leaders of the religious right were stymied.

The Republican Party as a whole is recapitulating the self-destruction of the California Republican Party. In 1994, Republican Gov. Pete Wilson advocated Proposition 187, which threatened to deny social services, healthcare and education to undocumented workers, and it aroused the Hispanic sleeping giant. From that moment, in national elections, California became one of the safest Democratic states, and only an anomaly like Schwarzenegger, an immigrant, could emerge as a viable statewide candidate. Ronald Reagan's party is a thing of the past."
Spinning in his grave, a whole new source of untapped energy. The populace isn't playing follow the leader anymore. What a shame.

I hope the current Republican Party fractures like a pane of stunt glass. In to a million little pieces.


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