Saturday, May 27, 2006

When All You Want Is A Phone

I want a cell phone that works when I need it, has bluetooth capability (I don't like wires) and a cheap rate plan. I don't need music or video, I have an Ipod and V-Cast is an extra $15 a month plus downloads. Itunes does a better job thank you. Plus, my internet service is Verizon. Why should I give them any more money for services I don't need or use?
Some Cell Phone Owners Spurn Gadgetry - New York Times: "So far, Sprint Nextel is doing something right as its subscribers spend the highest average amount for data services in the industry.

''We believe there's a strong correlation between our standard of success and how usable the products are,'' he said.

The other major wireless providers use similar techniques to improve their devices and programs.

Cingular Wireless, the nation's largest wireless provider, developed MEdia Net, which allows users to personalize their phones for using the Internet, downloading ringtones or getting e-mail.

Verizon Wireless has V-Cast, a service that makes it easier to download music and video. The company has also pushed designs that allow users to accomplish many things with one button press.

''It's not fun to download a ringtone and have to figure out how to get that on your phone,'' said Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Ramey. ''We do not shy away from testing. If the device or service doesn't work, it's a reflection on our network.''

T-Mobile also has focused on a few key areas, introducing T-Zone to help customers find ringtones and screen wallpaper by subject and decreasing the number of steps to take and send photos, for example."
I wish I still had my old StarTac. That was a great phone.

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