Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

The American people can't possibly be that dumb as to forget that along with a Republican President, there has been a Republican House and Republican Senate. The country didn't get into this mess because of one person, my own Senator Feintstein I would happily replace with someone who voted in my country's best interests. We hired them to do independent thinking and they followed the Pied Piper right out of town. Everybody is trying to rewrite history, as if they weren't willing participants in the destruction of two countries while we incurred the enmity of the rest of the world. I don't count Afghanistan, that country will look the same long after we are gone. History has shown that Afghanistan is somewhat resistant to occupation by a foreign military. Ask Russia, they lived next door (when they were all one piece) and still couldn't conquer it. Now that's a conflict we wish had gone the other way, don't we?
War Room - Salon.com: "As the Journal notes, Weldon isn't quite as handy with his own bootstraps as all that: John McCain has visited Weldon's district to help him raise money, and Weldon held a fundraiser with Dick Cheney, albeit at a lobbying firm in Washington, far from the local newspaper photographers and TV camera crews who might otherwise capture an image of Weldon with the vice president.

In his interview with the Journal, Weldon insists that he is 'not really running away from the president,' even as he acknowledges that 'there's nothing the president can do to help me.' Weldon's Democratic challenger, former Navy Adm. Joe Sestak, accuses Weldon of 'trying to manufacture' a life 'separate' from the president's. Funny, but we thought only Democrats did that sort of thing."
Not anymore. It is becoming the kiss of death to be seen with the First Renter.

Don't let any politicians kiss your baby. Just saying, you never know where their mouths have been.

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