Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dying For Nothing, Clemency For Your Killers

It's official. Invading Iraq was a stupid idea. What a waste of time, money and troops.
Iraq Amnesty Plan May Cover Attacks On U.S. Military: "Asked about clemency for those who attacked U.S. troops, he said: 'That's an area where we can see a green line. There's some sort of preliminary understanding between us and the MNF-I,' the U.S.-led Multi-National Force-Iraq, 'that there is a patriotic feeling among the Iraqi youth and the belief that those attacks are legitimate acts of resistance and defending their homeland. These people will be pardoned definitely, I believe.'

Asked about pardons for those who had attacked Iraqi forces, he said: 'This needs to be carefully studied or designed so maybe the family of those individuals killed have a right to make a claim at the court, because that is a public right. Or maybe the government can compensate them."

U.S. diplomatic officials have said previously that they were encouraging dialogue among Iraq's many rival factions, but none has confirmed U.S. backing for an amnesty offer."
So, someone please tell me why are we in Iraq. What's the point? So our troops can be target practice? This is just not right, not right at all.

Bring our troops home now.

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