Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Not The Size

Of a person that matters, we're like dynamite, we come in small packages and pack a big punch.
Saks Restores Petite Sizes After Outcry - New York Times: "Saks said that petite sizes would be carried in 32 of its 55 stores in November and that it would hold trunk shows around the country in October to welcome the petite clients back.

Andrew Jennings, president of Saks, said that the retailer 'had heard loud and clear the expression of concern from shoppers' about the elimination of the petite department.

Saks scrapped petite sizes, which generated $35 million a year, in January because it found that many shoppers preferred to buy clothes in the misses department — which is larger and offers a wider variety of fashions — and have garments tailored to fit their smaller proportions.

This time around, the retailer will try to inject more energy in petite clothes, emphasizing sportswear, knitwear and day dresses, rather than focusing heavily on classic-looking suits for work.

'In the past, the petite assortment has been very suited and very classic in nature, not really addressing the lifestyle needs of the customer,' said Joseph Boitano, senior vice president and general merchandise manager for women's clothing at Saks."
And it is going to work out even better because we will get more of a choice. Once Wal-Mart realizes short people exist we will be covered at both ends of the financial spectrum. Sometimes when you blog about something, changes are made.

Wow, I feel heard.

Progress is wonderful, isn't it?

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