Sunday, June 18, 2006

Missing The Inner Dangle

The flip side of having outdoor plumbing is the missing dangle on the Y chromosome. It gives mother Nature room to experiment and she obviously takes full advangtage.
The Weaker Sex - New York Times: "Men's troubles begin during the earliest days in the womb. Even though there are more male than female embryos, there are more miscarriages of male fetuses. Industrial countries are also witnessing a decline in male to female birth ratios, and we don't know why.

Some scientists have argued that the probability of a male child declines as parents (especially fathers) age. Still others have cited the prevalence of pesticides, which produce more birth defects in male children.

Even when a boy manages to be born, he's still behind the survival eight ball: he is three to four times more likely than girls to have developmental disorders like autism and dyslexia; girls learn language earlier, develop richer vocabularies and even hear better than boys. Girls demonstrate insight and judgment earlier in adolescence than boys, who are more impulsive and take more risks than their sisters. Teenage boys are more likely to commit suicide than girls and are more likely to die violent deaths before adulthood.

As adults, too, men die earlier than women. Twice as many men as women die of coronary artery disease, which manifests itself a decade earlier in men than women; when it comes to cancer, the news for men is almost as bad. Women also have more vigorous immune systems than men: of the 10 most common infections, men are more likely to have serious encounters with seven of them."
The poor widdle babies. This is an old story. In the late 60's early 70's, Playboy did a six month series on the differences between men and women and concluded that women were better suited for survival. Actually they said that women were the superior of the species but it is 30 years later and women are still fighting to control their own bodies.

Somehow I find it hard to feel sorry for men. Every time a woman wants to achieve something, biology gets thrown in her face as if that was the only determining factor of competence. There is no excuse for not having had a female president or vp by now, but America isn't ready for it. The rest of the world has moved into the future and we keep making excuses as they try to force us back into 1955. Even in Somalia women are being heard, albeit that isn't the greatest place to live.

There seems to be an awful lot of whining from the conservatives who want to put the genie back in the bottle. Boohoo, I feel for you.

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