Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Project For The Month

June is Torture Awareness Month and since I post on it whenever it shows up in the news, I've decided to focus a little more on the subject this month in the hope that people will start to protest, write letters, and/or make phone calls to that useless Congress we have, but this needs to stop.

While it is easy to dismiss the recent incidents that have come to light in Iraq and Afghanistan, one thing does need to be remembered. These kids are coming back to America. They will be living in your town and dating your children. The torturer suffers in ways that are easily dismissed until it comes back to haunt you. The only way you can consistently participate in horrendous activities is to make an object of the person, making them no longer human, so it is easier to inflict pain and humiliation. Do you want the inflictors to be your neighbor? I highly doubt it.

In addition to the difficulties these guys will have assimilating back into society, as close as we are to being a police state do you really want these types of people with a weapon and authority in the homeland? I seriously doubt it.

As a nation it would be nice if we could stand up and say "No more" and mean it. Support our troops by reinstating ethics, morals (gay marriage has nothing to do with it) and that quaint notion of the Geneva Convention, while we work to bring them home in one piece.


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