Monday, June 12, 2006

Sad But Not Surprising

While people freak out about two members of the same sex wanting to get married and declaring that it is the end of the family, I present this for your consideration.
Some Ohio families refuse to claim bodies - Yahoo! News: "While these cases amount to only a fraction of the bodies that coroner's offices tend to annually, they are among the most disheartening.

'It's a fairly widespread issue,' said Dr. Lisa Kohler, Summit County medical examiner. 'Either the family members cannot or will not take financial responsibility for burying their loved one, or we cannot find next of kin.

'In some of these situations, we do find family members that readily acknowledge that they're capable of providing financial assistance, but want nothing to do with them. That seems to be a fairly common situation.'

In one instance, a woman contacted the Ohio Funeral Directors Association, which handles indigent cases, to pay for the funeral of her dying mother-in-law, said Trey Wackerly, a Canton funeral director and member of the organization.

At first the woman claimed she couldn't afford it, but when Wackerly pressed her, she acknowledged that there was insurance money, but that her family didn't like the mother-in-law and hoped to use the cash to remodel their kitchen.

'I couldn't believe it,' Wackerly said."
Now that seems to more clearly demonstrate the breakdown of the family than anything else I've read lately. Some family members seem to think that they are the only ones with feelings and that those feelings are the most important. Respect for your elders seems to have been replaced with waiting for them to die so you can have their stuff, in case you haven't already bilked them out of everything while they were still alive.

Gotta pass that marriage amendment. That will make all families love and support each other without judgement and kids will have respect for their parents.


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