Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ten Best Car Chases According To EW

My favorite came in at number three, which is how many car chases were actually in Ronin. The first one was okay, the second one a little more exciting, but the third was phenomenal.
Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Feature: See the car chase scene in ''Ronin'': "Racecar driver-turned-director John Frankenheimer adapted the car-mounted camera techniques he used in his film Grand Prix for the white-knuckle chase sequences of this Robert De Niro spy thriller. A multiple-car chase through the narrow, steep streets of Nice is one-upped only by the sheer lunacy of an against-the-traffic pursuit through tunnels under the Seine in Paris (much like the one where Princess Diana died). ''There was no acting required on my part, believe me...'' says actor and terrified passenger Jonathan Pryce."
I was terrified just watching it and the people around me had their feet drawn up and looked like they were headed toward the fetal position. It was a great car chase.

I've seen most of the other picks and this one remains my favorite even though they missed a whole movie that was nothing but a car chase, Vanishing Point. Very weird movie.

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