Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Recipe Roundup 6/28/06

The Fourth of July is almost upon us and it's a wonderful time to pull out the barbecue, invite friends over, drink beer and eat meat. The LA Times waxes poetic over wood chips and explains the differences quite nicely and the lamb recipe looks tasty. They didn't mention my favorite, Jack Daniels cask wood chips which is included in this handy chart. When you first open the bag the smell of whiskey hits you as if you were in the factory. It goes well with tri-tip and lamb.

I also use a three zone system on occaision. Hot, not so hot, and no coals. I can move the food around at will and prevent flareups and overcooking. Or I use the no coal zone for roasting tomatoes and onions. Yum.

Over at SFGate condiments are seen as a great addition to the old standbyes of ketchup and mustard. Homemade and mostly low calorie with a lot of flavor.

The NY Times has do ahead meat recipes that taste well cold and are easy to take to a party or let you enjoy your guests.

One of my favorites for summer is this Fingerling Potato Salad with Green Chiles and Cilantro, which can sit for longer than usual with no worries.

Do you like fried chicken? Of course you do. I like to soak my chicken in buttermilk and lots of hot sauce for a few hours before I start making the crust.

Then there is the ever popular burger. And last but certainly not least, how about the world's healthiest foods.

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