Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Recipe Roundup

I thought I would try something new today. Food is very near and dear to my heart and tastebuds, which in chinese medicine isn't that unusual since the tongue is the sprout of the heart. I love to cook almost as much as I love to research recipes and shop for the items for dinner. Eating what I cook is the least pleasurable (if you discount the dishes) because I almost always eat only the first few bites. Then I'm bored and thinking about the flavors for the next meal.

Speaking of flavors, I am going to have to get this cookbook because it sounds wonderful and right up my alley. I learned to cook by reading the backs of spice bottles and am always willing to experiment with a new flavor.
Ms. Sortun is determined to spread her passion for spices. Against all publishing advice, she said, her recently released cookbook is organized not by course but by flavor. "Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean" (ReganBooks), written with Nicole Chaison, has chapters devoted to cumin, coriander and cardamom; poppy, nigella and sesame; parsley, mint, dill and basil, instead of chapters on soups or chicken.
Nigella sounds interesting, I wonder where I will find some? A middle eastern shop sounds like a good place to start. Meanwhile here is a link to her Spoon Lamb.

Here on the west coast we have Dungeness Crab with Avocado Mousse from Victor Scargle. This sounds easy and delicious if a little expensive for a hot day's lunch. And if you are thirsty, a little Bloody Mary properly made sounds refreshing.

Ever wondered what all those terms were or emergency substitutions? The Cooks Thesaurus is your friend. And last but definitely not least, is the Creamy Fruit Granita which can double as a healthy dessert or a breafast smoothie.

Bon appetit!

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